Midwest Brawl: Squad Tactics

Indianapolis, IN

Apr 24/26

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  1. Somethin! (Jonathan, Chris, Megan CHI, greg PGH, Rob Philly)
  2. De La Swoll (Betsy, Keith, Ryan, Ross, Aaron Indy)
  3. Brew Tang Clan (Nick, Evan, Kyle, Neal, Jose Indy)
  4. Brokemon (Sergio LEX, Grammar, Brett, chu, Cara MEM)
  5. SKRRRT (Joshua, Natalie, Kaleb, Cailyn, Spencer CBUS)
  6. Moustache Party (Travis CBUS, Rob CHI, Mags COMO, Hams LEX, Drew LOU)
  7. Voltron (Adam ARB, Peter, David CBUS, porch LEX, Nico PGH)
  8. Loader Backhoes (MidwestMegs, Rose, Coco CHI, Weezie CIN, Amy IND)
  9. Milwaukee's Beast Lite (Matt, Sean, Genghis, Tom, Jan MKE)
  10. St. Louis Bike Polo (Tim D, Charlie COMO, Nick, Phil, Francis STL)