5th Annual Indiana Championships

Indianapolis, IN

Oct 3/ 4

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  1. Natives (Travis CBUS, Stas FWA, Thomas LAF)
  2. Trashmen (Neal, Jose Indy, Scott LAF)
  3. crab kittens (Stephan, Jeff, Amy Indy)
  4. Buttchuggers (Kevin, Calebtru, Tyler LAF)
  5. Doomington (Elizabeth, Zachary, Megan BLM)
  6. Frisky chocolate dolphins (Tyler, Tori, Daniel BLM)
  7. Ill Billies: The Meat Sweats (Tucker, Nick, Kyle Indy)
  8. Smash Bros. (Keith, Ryan, Aaron Indy)
  9. Cops (Davis, Max, Nick BLM)