Oktoberfest Open 2014

Kitchener-Waterloo, ON

Oct 17/19

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  1. Triple eh? (Cameron, Quentin, Dave TO)
  2. DigeriDUDES (John, Stephen KWL, Carlos TO)
  3. Most handsome (Rob, andrew KWL, Tyler THB)
  4. The Fuzzy Bunnies (Tyzun, Kris, Matthew KWL)
  5. Rolling Deep (Glen, Eric TO, Shane VIC)
  6. The Bush Pilots (Shawn, Mike, Oliver KWL)
  7. Karma Gangsters (Jason, Maria, JDell KWL)
  8. 321 POLKA! (Allister KWL, Patty, Jay THB)
  9. Uncle Hans (Shane, Bustin, Alex TO)
  1. HiVannaPlayPolo (christina KWL, Denton OTT)