Milwaukee, WI

May 15/16

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  1. Bees (Coco CHI, Kate, micah MPLS)
  2. To The Pain (Ryan, Steener, Ryan GBAY)
  3. Beware of ODIE (Kevin Obeezy, Sam, Clinton CHI)
  4. SideBooB (Sean, Tom, Jan MKE)
  5. MadBikePolo (kelsey, Justin MAD)
  6. Bout That Life-TBD (Karl, Knute CHI, Aaron Indy)
  7. The Hardwoods (Seth, Dylan MAD, Tyler MKE)
  8. Henchmen (Rob CHI, Thomas LAF, Genghis MKE)
  9. MAD A (Ben, Pere MAD)
  10. Old Man Strength (Captain, Matt, shaggy MKE)
  11. TINY THUNDER (Ben, Josh, Hunter MKE)
  12. Sticky Bandits (D.J., Joe, Nick MKE)
  13. Shuttle Tyderium (Zack, Guthrie, Ben MKE)
  14. Outta Kontrol (Adam MKE, Claudio, joe SAT)
  15. Capitol city cyclo cillers (Eddie GR, Tyler, Calebtru LAF)
  16. B.W.A. (Jimmylee, Jeremiah, Scott MKE)