The Masters 2015

Indianapolis, IN

Sep 4/ 5

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  1. Saggy Sexy Parts (Rob, Jonathan CHI, greg PGH)
  2. Whistle Dick Tips (Stas FWA, Nick IND, Thomas LAF)
  3. bigshotopotamus (Thomas CIN, Betsy IND, Paul LA)
  4. Yours Truly (Hersh, Zachary, Kalei DEC)
  5. Snapper Whippers (Jackson AVL, Kyle, Samwise RDU)
  6. Messtiny's Child (Hams LEX, DrewT PDX, MESSMANN SEA)
  7. Broken Bones (Sergio LEX, Adam, Grammar MEM)
  8. Masters of the Universe (Corey, Daley IND, Chris JAX)
  9. Women of Distinction (Coco CHI, Robert, Amy IND)
  10. Silver Foxes (david CLE, Jose, Neal IND)
  11. Gingertrash (Keith, Ross, Aaron IND)
  12. Chopped Liver (Adam ARB, Miguel ATX, Matt LEX)
  13. Stephen King's Smangoliers (Kelly, Joe CIN, Mags COMO)
  14. Bobcats (Bob, Lou, Matt CLE)
  15. GERI-HAT-TRICKS (Zachary BLM, Evan, Megan IND)
  16. Mad A (Ben, Pere, Maston MAD)